ToeSox Plié Half Toe (Nude)

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Product code: PLIEHT-NUDE

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  • ToeSox Plie without toes have a perfectly positioned leather pad, great for turns and stops as it provides traction
  • Whilst cushioning the metatarsal head during lands and releves the half toe design lets toes touch surface for more of a barefoot experience
  • Their five toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally in the organic cotton knit
  • They feature a fitted heel which keeps the sock in place and eliminates bunching and twisting
  • With a partial patented grip they provide excellent foot placement


Size XS S M
Unisex UK 1-3 3.5-5.5 6-8
Womens US 3-5.5 6-8 8.5-10.5
Mens US 3-4.5 5-7 7.5-9.5
Unisex EU 33-35.5 36-38.5 39-42.5